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Gavin McCormack

Co-Founder, Upshcool & Education Influence

During this talk, we will discuss the impact that essential skills and the development of critical thinking have on our children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. We will also explore how the synergy between home and school is crucial when it comes to empowering our students to be today’s learners for tomorrow’s world. A world where giving service to those around us, prepares our students for a future we are yet to understand.

Anna Volokhova

Founder | CEO , Montessori UA

During this hour I will share experience of the Ukrainian Montessori Educators and how they are overcoming the challenges of war. You will find out how to find courage, and power under unbelievable conditions, how to stay still, even there are sirens around and how to organize the learning environment anywhere!

Dr. Georgina Longley

Independent Tutor | Researcher

Dr. Nagamani Krishnamurthy

Research Director | CEO

This will be a collaborative session with Dr. Nagamani Krishnamurthy ( Human beings are naturally philosophical creatures. It is a natural skill that can have profound effects on how we see and engage with the world around us. Our lesson will look at different areas of philosophy to show you why it matters and will conclude with tips on how to harness and nurture your natural inner philosopher. We will create a collaborative PowerPoint that can be shared and uploaded to the website.

Danelle Almaraz

Systems Coach

Math discussions that emphasize the thought processes and not just the answer help students become better listeners and understand different approaches to a problem.

Daniele Manni

Youth Entrepreneurship Teacher |
Co-Founder, WeDo Academy

Student-centered education is possible and it is possible through a multitude of approaches. My personal approach is based on Entrepreneurship Education by creating and implementing real startups. It lets students aged 14 to 18 to become micro startuppers and acquire, without even realizing it, a great amount of soft skills such as problem solving, teamwork, resilience, error and failure management, public speaking and self-confidence. Eventually, some of them even become successful entrepreneurs. Math discussions that emphasize the thought processes and not just the answer help students become better listeners and understand different approaches to a problem.

Phillip Jarvis

Chief Education Reimagineer

Traditional education prepares students for exams and more education, but not for life. Too many write their last exams and submit in their last assignments with no idea what to do next or who needs their talents. We must assure that students are prepared to step into adult life with confidence, optimism, and a clear sense of purpose and direction which brings them joy when they graduate and become engaged global citizens.

Greshma Momaya

Head of Trio Tots

Unintentionally adults around children use phrases that are gender biased. In the classroom, we also show some teaching aids or concepts that are gender biased. I want to break the Gender biased classrooms , the teaching aids and mindset of educators which are gender biased and eventually make educators aware about how to have more inclusive classrooms. PPT, Examples, Story

Massrat Shaikh

Engaging a pedagogy that look beyond conventional methods of teaching is important for SEN learners. Using learning solutions and resources ensures that young people with disabilities have fair and optimized access to schooling and the opportunity to develop their independence, agency, and social inclusion. In this presentation, educators will learn and see the demo of different learning and EdTech solutions that are available for SEN learner that can decrease frustration and increase success of the students in learning and in life.

Ortal Green

Co-Founder | CEO

Nothing is more important for our society than the quality of teaching and learning in our schools and learning communities. These learning environments must provide students with a solid foundation for life – helping them develop skills to thrive today and in the future. In a world that will continue to be transformed by globalisation and technology, with many jobs disappearing and new ones being created, high-quality education has never been more critical. It is no longer a case of going to school to obtain knowledge. To be successful in a world full of uncertainties, young people must develop their resilience, problem-solving, communication, creative thinking, empathy and collaboration skills. Unfortunately, our current education system is not providing students with the learning environment they need. But we can change that. There is a way for schools to adopt a new approach to learning and teaching, which provides our children and young people with what they need to become well-rounded, resilient, successful, innovative people.

AL Kingsley


I’ll be discussing how to collaborate and then shape a digital vision for your school, build a digital strategy and then the steps to help deliver successfully, whilst monitoring impact.

Issac Itunu Bamidele

Education Officer | Quality Education Advocate

Quality education is a luxury is unaffordable by kids in low income communities, if we are to use education to change the world and positively so, this has to change. The questions that comes to mind to effect this change goes thus; 1. How do we mobilize qualified teachers to these low income communities? 2. What context related approach do we need to consider? 3. What model of innovation do we engage to bring about global exposure in these local contexts? 4. Must we include the marginalized in the plans of global goals for education? 5. The facts and data about illiteracy rate and out of school indexes in low income communities and so on. Mode of delivery: The mode of delivery of this session is flexible depending on the organizers requirements, however, the virtual space of video conferencing will do for an engaging presentation.

Alexander Asiedu-Antwi

Education Activist

Considering the five most intensive teaching and learning approaches, my session will be focused on dealing with difficult students, sharing the best practices in the 21st century mode of teaching and managing classrooms with the aim of collaboration over competition. In this era of education, my deep understanding in classroom management and its techniques is intertwined with “Student-Centered Discussions” engaging students in deep thinking. As many of us consider some of the most challenging students and classes, the technique of my delivery shall be transcendental on “HOW” your approach to classroom management makes a direct impact on students, through the lens of Connection, Consistency and Compassion.

Silvia Granucci

Primary Teacher

The session will discuss storytelling, through the use of different techniques, from books and ancient Japanese street theater (kamishibai) to digital tools. The goal is to intrigue and enable the art of storytelling to be used in any discipline. This section is useful for both students and educators and parents.

Pooja AS

Academic Mentor | SEL Trainer | Teacher

Let Us Understand Their World: Teachers' Mental Wellbeing

Cran Middlecoat

Aerospace Nerd

Reflecting on my career as an airline pilot, I’ve seen very good teaching ideas and very bad teaching ideas. Discover how to implement the good ideas into your classroom.

Radhika Hedaoo

Assistant Professor

The session will set a discussion about the use of entertainment education as an intervention approach for nutrition education . Can entertainment education be used a s a stand alone tool for the delivery of nutrition education messages and the session will highlight evidence based research on best strategies for enhanced nutrition curriculum delivery in schools. The techniques of deliverance : Power point presentation Research briefs discussion Activity on template preparation for nutrition education delivery for teachers

Bina Kachwalla

Education Facilitator

“Mathematics is not set of methods; it is a set of connected ideas that need to be understood.” In this webinar, the participants will be introduced to activities that will engage children to visualise the mathematical acts. Visual ‘number talks’ encourage students’ to critically think of the relationships between the patterns and numbers to generalize the concept to be understood. [Powerpoint presentation ]

Anish Baheti

Founder & CEO

Inspiring to make learning fun again using a deck of 52 Cards

Charles Oyet Omoya

Education Officer

The session will recount original and compelling stories of teachers changing the world in Uganda, a symbol of teachers going in excess of their might in Africa to cause education that empowers and transforms the lives of children and students who otherwise would not have a chance. The work of 3-4 inspiring teachers I have personally trained and coached will be the content of this presentation. Style of delivery: This presentation will be narrated. Part of it will have comments on the impact of effective teacher professional development. A PowerPoint slide deck will assist this session.

Theresa Boki

Kindergarten Teacher

Applying Reggio Emilia Approach To Improve Social Skills And Learner Agency In Early Years

Lili-Ann Kriegler

Education Consultant

I will present using PPT. I will request some interaction through the chat channel. I love having a mantra for my sessions. The participants will learn how four concepts can unlock six types of thinking.

Mark Powell

Director of Education Services & Montessori Australia

Why Montessori? Education As An Aid To Life

Abdullah Abdul Rahman

Teaching Fellow

The session involves techniques that can be utilized to transform factors that hinder effective learning into students’ greatest assets. It will be a session that will involve the use of engaging and interactive PowerPoint slides

Chandra Choodeshwaran

Accreditation Coordinator

Empathy and its importance in everyday life. Three types of Empathy: 1. Cognitive Empathy 2. Emotional Empathy 3. Compassionate Empathy Thanking you,

Dr. Manpreet Kaur

Child Psychologist

Happiness Curriculum

Anupa Gnanakan

Director - Education

The session will cover the importance of teaching civic sense in schools, especially in a country like India where civic sense is lacking. If we can instil these important values in our students from a young age, we believe that they can grow up to be the change that we would like to see in our country. I will share a presentation on the curriculum that we have created and run in our schools.

Mathilde Gouider

Primary School Teacher

Learn how to develop and help your students (or children) develop resilience to become independent learners capable to rise, move on and reflect in the face of challenge. The session will be presented through a visual power point including real-life examples, studies data and famous writers/speakers quotes.

Noha Abu Karam

Head of Testing Unit

This session will introduce participants to the project based learning (PBL)in terms of theory and practice in the light of the National Geographic vision, framework, and real lesson plans samples.I’ll use a PowerPoint presentation to deliver it

Barbara Schindelhauer

Founder & Owner

My topics will be: 1 Why early maths is crucial and what children should understand about numbers – before they enter formal tuition. 2 Understand how children see the world and how we can use this to enhance their learning and overall development. 3 Know how Let’s visit Numberland is designed to provide an environment in which the self-educating processes of children can thrive. 4 Get an idea of the included impact on literacy, essential skills and general knowledge of children. 5 Get specific, easy-going suggestions on how start a Numberland journey. I will present this with a mix of some slides, but mainly by using props, both ready-made and self-made.

Veronica Floretta

Assessment as a Tool For Improving Learning

Assessment as a tool for fostering learning refers to the process of using multiple sources to continually gather information on a child’s development, to provide feedback to support and guide learning. It focuses on achieving quality, balance and child-centricity in school assessment systems, to support decision-making and increase student motivation and success in learning. The importance of feedback then, as a general concept for fostering learning processes is fundamental. However, while teachers usually plan how to set and monitor the different tasks carefully, and make sure these are sufficiently varied, they sometimes tend to give less thought as to how to manage the feedback effectively. As a result, feedback is often an afterthought conducted more or less the same way every time. This workshop aims at exploring three main questions: How does this look in everyday teaching? How can we design effective assessment tools? How can we provide effective and plausible feedback? It will be implemented by: Setting a common framework for the analysis of an assessment process. Allowing participants to explore and analyse an assessment activity. Provide opportunities so participants critically review the techniques they currently use to feedback on class activities. Highlight good practices for feeding back on class activities.should understand about numbers – before they enter formal tuition. 2 Understand how children see the world and how we can use this to enhance their learning and overall development. 3 Know how Let’s visit Numberland is designed to provide an environment in which the self-educating processes of children can thrive. 4 Get an idea of the included impact on literacy, essential skills and general knowledge of children. 5 Get specific, easy-going suggestions on how start a Numberland journey. I will present this with a mix of some slides, but mainly by using props, both ready-made and self-made.

Donia Adel

Parenting and Life Coach

PowerPoint will be used …. session will be more about awareness where our emotions come from ” teachers, Parents or Students” .. how it affect our behavior and some control plans to manage it and help students to do so .. with some class activities and tools

Bharat Manocha

Career Coach | Sales Head

Session will be divided in three parts: 1. Defining career counselling and its need in Schools and Colleges 2. Type of opportunities available in market and how students can grab it. 3. How to research for career options and how to choose them. Technique of deliverance will be through presentation and Excel data.

Rayel Basu


Vocabulary In The Learning

Paula Zhou

Founder & CEO

In this session, we will look at how we can support healthy brain development to help our children deal with the challenges of life through cultivating respectful inter-personal relationships. Presentation style

Seetha Sagaran

Personal Development Trainer | Lifestyle Coach | Motivational Speaker

Personal Wellness is a subject that has yet to be recognized in educational institutions for its positive impact on helping children be physically, psychologically and spiritually healthy. The wellness of an individual is not just determined by good health and an overall positive approach to living, it promotes greater attention to the personal, social and in later years, professional choices made. These choices affect physical and emotional health and enable individuals to be in harmony with themselves, but also have the continuous interest to improve and focus on development and growth. The inclusion of the understanding and study of personal wellness in schools will heighten the awareness of social responsibility in children and youth and create more conscientious and compassionate global citizens of tomorrow.

Nur Farisya Abdul Shukor

Chief of Marketing and Communication

How To Develop A Growth Mindset

Toral Shah

Founder at Drishya | New Age Educator | Principal at Domnics High School

How stories play a critical role in shaping a person’s understanding of oneself? Which kind of stories could be used which involve critical thinking, self-expression and empathy in children? How to arouse curiosity and creativity in children? Strategies to get them to explore themselves by listening, thinking and then questioning. Techniques of deliverance: sharing some resources online while speaking

Sonal Chhibber

Educator | Trainer | Coach

COVID 19 has put a lens on how important it is for organizations to plan for disruptions, have robust systems for business continuity and knowledge management. Knowledge management is now seen as critical to designing resilient business policies and practices to assure business continuity, resilience and sustainability. This session will examine and elaborate how knowledge management good practices can provide practical guidelines for professionals desirous of developing effective knowledge management practices in context of ever-changing business risk and opportunities, resilience, continuity and sustainability.

Anita Singh


The ultimate experience which all humans want is happiness. If we integrate values along with education for our children it will empower them with the ability to be happier, when they step out in the world for a career. Happiness multiplies when shared . I will focus on how we can integrate these values into daily lessons for students to imbibe them in their daily lives.

Sonia McPherson

Education Influencer

Expressions To Impressions

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