Empowering teachers on a global scale


Education Influence is a network of teachers handpicked for their influential leadership in the community. They are chosen to act as beacons to educators around the world.


Education Influence is a hub for teachers all over the world to come together, safe in the knowledge that they can access a local influencer who is willing to help them move forward.


Great teaching is based around great collaboration and Education Influence brings together the best of us to work together.

Where it started

Education Influence is a company spanning the length and breadth of the globe to link teachers and educators who re influencing change in the way we deliver and monitor our education system. The Influence is designed to acknowledge those who are making innovations in the classroom and beyond in order to provide a network of highly accomplished teachers who can pave the way for others.

Join US

To be included or added to the Education Influence network recognizes you as a teacher and a person who is willing to share their pedagogy with others creating solid foundation from which we can reform the education system across the world. If you would like to nominate an education influencer please do not hesitate to get in touch.

A message from our founders

Gavin McCormack

The Only constant in education is change, that change is you and it starts here at Education Influence.com

To everyone out there willing to join our amazing movement – Thank you for being a part of this wonderful Journey we call Education

Gavin McCormack

Anusha Shrestha

You feel other people’s feelings. Empathy works wonders when you are a human. As an educator, if you can get your pupil’s undivided attention, you inspire them to share ambitions. You inspire them to be like you.

Anusha Shrestha

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